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Source: Al jazeera.com

More than 200 people have been detained by police during a second day of protests in Copenhagen as environment ministers from around the world met for informal talks on a new climate pact.

Police stopped Sunday’s attempted demonstration as it made its way towards the city’s harbour.

Security officials also carried out a “stop-and-search” of some of the participants, said Flemming Steen Munch, a police spokesman.

Munch said police found bolt-cutters and gas masks when they searched a truck that led the demonstration.

But critics condemned a Danish law that allows police to make preventative arrests if they believe a demonstration will turn violent and hold suspected troublemakers for up to 12 hours without a court arraignment.

“They have arrested 1,000 people [over the two days]. And they only followed up on three of them,”Ida Thuesen, a  spokeswoman for Amnesty International, said. “There are lot of people who haven’t done anything and had no intention of doing anything.”

Symbols of change

The climate conference took a day off on Sunday, though more than 40 environment ministers and other high-level negotiators were meeting for informal talks at the Danish roreign ministry on greenhouse emissions cuts and financing for poor nations to deal with climate change.



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