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Source: Alpha- Omega Reports

Excerpt : From R.A. Combs

Among some Prophecy watching websites, there is excitement that Iraq’s ancient Babylon is about to be rebuilt. This excitement is based upon supposedly grand UN plans for rebuilding the city and making it the world’s capital.

This is simply false.

There are UN plans for aiding in a project to resurrect the city as an “archaeological” tourist site, much as Saddam had envisioned. However, there are no plans to make it a “living” city or the world’s capital. The plans that are real, call for turning the archaeological site into something like Williamsburg, Virginia or Jamestown, Virginia. Both of those sites have restored the old ruins but no one actually lives in those sites. It is all there simply for show.

Despite such limited plans, ignorant Bible Prophecy watchers and a few prophecy commentators with so-called scholarly credentials point to these news stories about UN and USA funding and claim Babylon is about to be rebuilt and will fulfill the Biblical prophecies of Revelation 17 and 18.

Drawing such conclusions is false for numerous reasons.

As noted, the Iraqi and UN plans do not call for ancient Babylon to be a habitable, prospering city as it was 2,500 years ago. Furthermore, there are at least 60 reasons why Iraq’s ancient Babylon site cannot be the same future Babylon of Prophecy. See our previous article: “

60 Reasons Why Iraq Can Not Be Mystery Babylon”

Probably, the most compelling reason why Babylon’s ancient Iraq simply can not be the future Babylon – often misidentified as “Mystery Babylon” is because much of Iraq, including ancient Babylon is to be a part of the Messianic Kingdom of Jesus Christ. On that basis, the Messianic prophecy contradicts the “Babylon” prophecies. The Messianic Kingdom, all of it, will be inhabited and prosperous and ruled from Jerusalem.

Often overlooked by many Bible Prophecy “experts” are the prophecies concerning the future borders of Israel when Jesus Christ returns and establishes new borders for Israel’s Millennial Kingdom that will finally fulfill the promises made to Abraham and his descendants.

Israel’s future borders (the Messianic borders) will be extended eastward to encompass much of what today is called Iraq. The area will include all of the old Hittite and Chaldean Empire. Joshua 1:4 notes that it will include “ALL” of the land, which means the ancient site of Babylon and all of Babylonia are to be part of the new Messianic Israel. Anthropologists and archaeologists now believe that the Chaldeans of Babylonia were originally were the Hittites. The Hittite empire, at the time of Abraham had conquered and owned Babylon and much of its outlying territories west of the Tigris River.



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Source: Alpha-Omega Report

By : Author R.A Coombs (www.americathebabylon.com)

There is a strong misunderstanding and misinterpretation about the book of Revelation in regards to time frames that is creating a serious error in understanding the book and its prophecies.  

Most readers of the book of Revelation start with an assumption. The assumption is that the book starts at a beginning point on a time line of events and proceeds to describe events in a totally linear fashion. Now immediately many readers here will wonder what is meant by the term ‘linear.’  

Linear in this regard is a term that means a sequence of events listed in the order in which they occur within a frame of time. In the case of the book of Revelation, we have a list of events described, one after the other. The question raised here is whether or not each event that is described for a future point in time within the book of Revelation occurs in chronological order.  

If we put the future events described in the book of Revelation onto a time line we should ask whether or not event A occurs first, followed by events B, C, D and so forth clear down to event Z in completely chronological order?  Some would ask if perhaps ‘event G’ might occur before event “D” If so, then the overall description of events would not be in a chronologically, linear order of events. 

Putting this another way, we might ask if the book of Revelation is in a completely chronological order of events. To answer this question properly let’s take an over view look of the entire book in a broad, general outline.  

We can look at the book of Revelation in outline form as falling into 3 main categories.

I. Past Events:  Christ (1:1-20)  

II. Current Situation: The Churches (2:1–3:22)  

III. Future Events: The Consummation of Time (4:1–22:21)

In a broad outline, the book begins with past events and then proceeds to events current at the time of the author’s writing of the book. The third section deals with future events yet to come. In this broad outline we see a progression of events that are describing the past, present and then the future, which indicates an ongoing chronological chain of events. 

Now, while the overall book itself is generally within a chronological time frame of events listed in chronological order, can we say that all events described in Revelation, chapters 3 through 22 are in a continuous stream of events in chronological order? The answer to this secondary question is absolutely ‘No.’  

Look at the subject content of chapter 4 through 22 in a broad over view. 

Chapters 4 & 5 – Deal with events in Heaven 

Chapters 6 & 7 – Deal with the 7 Seals of Judgment (and also 8:1) God’s wrath against Planet Earth.  

But also notice that within these two chapters we have a parenthesis of events in heaven. In chapter 7 verses 1 through 17, we find the sealing of 144,000 witnesses, plus worship of God by innumerable converts, including Tribulation martyrs. The question to ask is whether or not this parenthesis is part of the chronological events on earth or separate from those events. The answer is – we do not know – where this parenthesis actually falls in any chronology of earthly events, because the text is not specific. This could be describing a heavenly event just near the end of the Tribulation or near the start or somewhere in between. 

Chapters 8 thru 11 – Deal with the 7 Trumpet Judgments. There is further wrath poured out on Earth. 

These judgments are more drastic, more definite and final than the Seal judgments. After the first 6 Trumpet judgments are described we find yet another parenthesis. Inside this parenthesis we find the description of the “Little Book” and the story of the Two Witnesses, then returning to describe the final Trumpet judgment in chapter 11, verses 15-19 which describes only what’s going on in Heaven as the last Trumpet blows. We have no description of what is going on down on Earth with this last Trumpet Judgment.   

Could the 7th Trumpet Judgment be coinciding with the 7th “bowl” judgment of chapter 16:17-21?  We cannot be certain either way, yet it is curious that we have no description in this passage of what the results of the 7th Trumpet judgment are down on Earth. We are only told what is going on in heaven as the Trumpet sounds. 

After this last Trumpet judgment, we find 3 more parenthesis covering chapters 12 through 14.  

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