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Long before I woke up to the real truth of the illuminati et al I knew that to make it in Hollywood required much more than talent. You had to know and make happy the right people which equated to sleeping your way to the top. Now years later I find out that was true. And not just sleeping with the producers and directors but also pledging allegiance and taking oath to the Baphomet ( satan). In the Music Biz before a record deal is signed musicians must become an initiate witch. So I am including several interesting videos on this subject as well as one about comedian Dave Chappelle who has walked away from Hollywood. Rumor Mills called him crazy and on crack- but the fact was he did not want to sell his soul and walked away from a $50 million dollar contract. The money wasnt worth it and its soo refreshing. Of course he hasnt publicly revealed all he knows about Hollywood but he certainly has alluded to something being terribly wrong. If he did divulge he would end up like Tupac Shakur and Michael Jackson who were murdered for breaking THE OATH. ( The Oath being you wont reveal whats really going on with the Illuminati behind the scenes) It makes you wonder how many others have been killed in various ways for doing the same thing or how many others have just quietly walked away and forfeited success? At the very least Dave Chappelle will stand some day before YHWH and not be condemned for bowing to the Baphomet. He is still doing comedy gigs in small clubs etc.. but in one interview he said ” the higher up I got the unhappier I became” No kidding! For every step one takes up the ladder of success the more you must sell out. Just not worth it in the scheme of things eternally.

Videos at bottom shows different Masonic Symbols ( Okay sign really is an eye of Horus or 666- and also Devil horns/ Rock on – V peace sign is Victory/5 sign – hand on heart and Hidden hand are also masonic)

((WARNING!!!: Graphic Language. My apologies I dont condone it but it is part of the videos/ music lyrics etc)

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Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Dave Chappelle ( a few different short clips of interviews on video)

Tupac Shakur~ Breaking the Oath ( 2 parts)

Is Lil Wayne Gay??

Lil Wayne kissing buddy Baby – Exposed!

More about Hip Hop and Illuminati sell-outs


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