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Years ago I had studied on the various names the Israelites called Father God in the hebrew tongue. I was also aware that Jesus’ real hebrew name was Y’eshua.. however it wasnt until maybe 6 months ago or more that i fully learned that Jesus was only a transliteration not an actual Translation and so therefore not His real name. As well I felt it impressed upon my heart to stop calling my heavenly Father by His generic title of God but call Him by His name – YHWH ( pronounced Yah-HOO-WAH) and also that my saviour desired to be called by His real name-Yahushua ( Yah Hoo Sh00 Wah) – for in that NAME lies the power of the Almighty!!

here are two PDF attachments on each of the Sacred Names of Father and Messiah. A must read for those who worship Father in spirit and in truth. I wouldnt want to be called by my generic title all the time of Mrs So and So by someone who i was intimately acquainted. It isnt intimate and precisely the readon why YHWH wants His people who are “called by HIS NAME” to know and to use His true name!!

Sacred name of YHWH http://www.sherrytranscripts.com/files/sacrednm.pdf

Sacred name of Yahushua http://www.sherrytranscripts.com/files/The_Sacred_Name.htm

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